Majoring in Biology


Once students finish their freshman year, classes in biology tend to be small. Many enroll no more than sixteen students, and some junior and senior level courses have fewer than ten students. Laboratory sections in all courses are limited to twenty students per section and are taught by biology faculty rather than by teaching assistants.

Faculty and Staff

Why is this important? We believe that students gain the most from their educational experiences when they have the opportunity to interact closely and often with their instructors. Because biology classes are small, faculty in the department know students by name, are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and can provide the kind of help and encouragement that students sometimes need.

In fact, one of the truly special things about majoring in biology at Ithaca College is the strong sense of community in the department. Students in the program come to be well acquainted with biology faculty and with each other. They work together on class projects, and the general attitude is one of cooperation rather than competition. In this atmosphere, biology majors gain confidence in their abilities and talents, and they are better prepared for future endeavors in graduate school, professional programs, and the workplace once they leave the College.

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