Seminar Series: Fall 2022

4:00 p.m. All are welcome! 

CNS 112
(unless noted otherwise)


The Biology department offers a seminar (BIOL 41100/41200) series each semester representing a broad range of topics in  biology.  These seminars are open to the entire community.  Students are invited to meet with the speaker in a small group following the talk to answer questions related to the topic presented, or to answer questions regarding different careers in Biology.

Seminar Organizer, Maki Inada

August 26  

Brief introductory meeting for students in Biology Seminar BIOL-41100/41200 

September 1  

Mini Symposium: Student Summer Activities 
Hosted by Tri-Beta 

September 15   
(Te-Wen Lo) 

Dallas Fonseca (Biochemistry BS, Math BA ‘18) 
University of Minnesota – PhD Candidate 

September 29 
(Te-Wen Lo) 

Lauren Hodkinson (Biochemistry BS, Anthropology BA ‘18), Emory University – PhD Candidate  
Sequences Vs. Context: Contextual cues drive locus specific function of a context dependent transcription factor

October 6 
(Te-Wen Lo) 

Jenny Tenlen, Seattle Pacific University 
Evolution of germline development: lessons from water bears

TUES, October 11
12:10 pm, 
CNS 1st floor foyer 

MANDATORY Student Research Options for Spring 2023     
 All students interested in enrolling in BIOL-302 must attend. 

October 20
(Susan Witherup)
Jonathan Shaw, Duke University (and Former IC Biology Professor)
Ecology & evolution of peat moss – species matter!

November 10 
(Te-Wen Lo) 

Jennifer Schisa, Central Michigan University 
What makes a good egg? Regulation of mRNAs during oogenesis

November 17 
(Maki Inada and Peter Melcher)
Principles of Biology CURE Students 

Dialing it up or down with promoters

December 1 
(Ian Woods) 

Tardigrade Tracks Research Students 
Tardigrade Tracks 2022: Modeling Parkinsons disease phenotypes in tardigrades

MON., Dec. 5 
CNS 333

Biochemistry Research Symposium     

December 6 & 7 

Biology Research Symposium