Opportunities at IC

Students in Chemistry and Biochemistry frequently spend their summers doing research at IC as well as around the country. You can apply to the H&S Summer Scholars Program to be considered for a full-time, 8-10 week, paid position to do research on campus with faculty in the department. Applications are due in February of each year; in the application, you will identify the faculty member(s) you'd like to work with, discuss your academic and personal goals, and explain how this summer experience will help you fulfill those aspirations. In the application, you are allowed to rank potential research advisors, but the best option is to speak with potential faculty research mentors before applying, to confirm that they are available to mentor during the summer, and to discuss the specific research opportunity available in their lab. The department occasionally has an additional Scholars position supported by a special American Chemical Society Summer Research Fellowship, awarded to an outstanding undergraduate who is ultimately planning to pursue a graduate degree in the field of chemistry or biochemistry. Students who apply to be an H&S Summer Scholar with a chemistry faculty member will automatically be considered for this award if it is available. 

Opportunities Elsewhere

Students often use the summers to explore exciting research while getting a taste of graduate schools! Look here to search widely for REU opportunities nationally. The department also gathers information on additional opportunities through various professional networks and posts them in the department. Discuss your options with your research or major advisor early and get advice on where and when to apply.