Class of 2012

Major: Legal Studies

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Thompson, CT

Favorite Part About Mock Trial: Closing Statements. More specifically taking the other team's ridiculous catchphrase from their opening statements and destroying them by incorporating it into my closing.

Favorite Part About Our Team: There is nothing individual about mock trial. Every single member plays a role that is critical to the team. We take notes for one another and genuinely care about the success of each member. We’re less like a team and more like a family.

Favorite Mock Trial Moment: In my final trial I played a hippie flower child that was completely out of my comfort zone after learning my lines the night before the trial, where I "cried for mother earth" on the witness stand. I also felt the strong need to hug a tree after we got out of the trial (which I did).

Future Plans: I will be attending Elon University School of Law in North Carolina in the Fall of 2012.