Currently a Law Student at Hofstra University School of Law

My name is Kyle Schiedo and I am a senior Economics major with a minor in Spanish and Legal Studies.

I have so many favorite parts about mock trial.  Traveling with the team is always a blast, especially waking up Whelan to go over crazy new theories of the case only hours before trial the next morning.  That, and you also get to learn really quickly who is and who is NOT a morning person. I myself am hit or miss.

My favorite memory of mock trial last year was at Regionals when they asked the room of about 25 mock trial teams from all different schools "do we have any new teams here?" to which our Ithaca team all excitedly raised our hands, only to realize we were the only "new" team and that this was probably a bad sign.  However, this made the feeling at the end of the tournament, during the awards ceremony (which we considered not bothering to go to) that much better as our team name was called in front of everyone three seperate times for awards.  Our team won two individual awards for witnesses/attorneys and also took home the qualifying trophy.

Fun facts:  I have a twin brother who most people would think is identical to me (we are actually fraternal).  

I love playing sports and have played competetively almost every sport imaginable at some point or another in my life.

I tend to be pretty nerdy and passionate when it comes to mock trial.

Helene Weiss and I actually came up with the idea to start this club while sitting in a hot tub one day talking about Whelan's courtrooms class. While she may admit the idea was mine, the club never would have taken off without her or all of the other INCREDIBLY talented teammates.