I am currently a Junior dual majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication and Communication Studies with a minor in Legal Studies. I'm from Central Square, a small suburb about 20 minutes north of Syracuse, NY.

My favorite part about our team is the chemistry that we have with one another. In my opinion, we have truly embodied what it means to be a team. Everyone is extremely supportive, brings out the best in each other, and genuinely cares about helping one another to improve. Over the course of the season we essentially turned into our own little Mock Trial family.

My favorite memories all involve the team bonding at tournaments, where one of our favorite past times is inventing the most ridiculous theory of the case possible. One time, this actually resulted in our (then) graduating senior, Genna, adopting an over-the-top hippie persona in her final trial, truly embodying what it means to be from Ithaca. A close second is the team's collective reaction when we found out we placed well enough at regionals to advance to nationals in our first year!

Some fun facts about myself: I have seen Ke$ha in concert 4 times. One of these was a result of making a decision to get on a Greyhound to New York City in a matter of 30 minutes after finding out that she was going to be on the Today Show the next morning.