Perialas Prize

What is the Perialas Prize?

Each semester the Department of Communication Studies and its honors society (Lambda Pi Eta) sponsor an oratory contest open to students at Ithaca College who are enrolled in either Public Communication or Business & Professional Communication.  Each section is invited to select a representative to participate in the contest.

The Perialas Prize was created as a means of fostering the principles of classical persuasive communication, and honoring Constantine Perialas, who taught classical rhetoric in our department for more than 30 years. Each speaker must prepare and deliver a 7-10 minute extemporaneous (from an outline) speech advocating a policy.

During preliminary rounds,  faculty judges rate the presentations and invite the top speakers to argue before an audience of students in Public Communication/Business & Professional Communication classes, as well as the department faculty.  The winner each semester receives a cash prize provided by the Perialas Prize Fund.  All students who participate in the contest receive certificates and are honored during the finals.

The Perialas Committee

The committee chosen to judge the final performances is made up of Communication Studies professors and students already inducted into Lambda Pi Eta.  All members of the committee have knowledge of the classical, neoAristotelian standards of effective speech.

The Perialas Fund

The Perialas Prize Fund was established in May 1997. It is being maintained by the Office of Academic Funding. Our aim is to continue raising funds throughout alumni newsletters and fund-raising events.

Recent Winners:

Spring 2015

Michael Saccento, Class of 2016, Accounting Major

Fall 2014

 Haley Young, Class of 2018, English Major

Spring 2014

Robert A. Bruh, Class of 2014, Accounting Major

Fall 2013

Windsor Lindsay, Class of 2017, Business Administration Major

Spring 2013

Charles De-Ganga, Class of 2014, Biochemistry Major

Fall 2012

Elijah Breton, Class of 2015, Sport Management and Communication Studies, Double Major

Spring 2012

Genevieve Cohn, Class of 2014, Culture & Communication Major

Fall 2011:

Mark Vorensky, Class of 2013, Physical Therapy Major, Health Communication Minor

Spring 2011:

Emma Knighton, Class of 2014,  Applied Psychology Major

Fall 2010:

Adeesha Ekanayake, Class of 2014, Computer Science Major