The Partnership in Teaching Program brings Ithaca College faculty and staff together with Tompkins County educators in collaborations designed to enrich the curriculum and to have a positive impact on learning. The Tompkins Trust Company has generously endowed this program for nearly two decades.

For area school teachers and leaders, the Clynes Collaboration Grants administered as part of the Partnership in Teaching Program offer the opportunity to supplement curricular initiatives with projects that can capture student interest, introduce new concepts, or reinforce units of study in ways that extend and enrich learning. Ithaca College faculty and staff understand Partnership collaborations as ways to give back to the community while at the same time strengthening educational experiences for area students. In recent years, the collaborations have extended to partnerships between Ithaca College, our local P-12 educator communities, and our local communities and organizations that serve young people.

The Partnership in Teaching Program supports expenses of shared projects via the Clynes Collaboration Grants, the grant program designed to facilitate collaboration between College faculty and area teachers on projects that have the potential for sustainability and/or the potential to affect large numbers of students and have a positive impact on the curriculum. To submit an application, please see the document linked below. We look forward to helping you find the resources for the collaborative work that will benefit local students.