Common Questions

Q: When can I join the Teach in Five program? 

A: As early as your application to IC and as late as your senior year (depending on your major)! Our program is flexible and has multiple points of entry. 

Q: I think I want to teach but am not sure. What should I do? 

A: Explore the field through our Education Studies Minor! The minor has three required courses and room for several electives that will help you decide if teaching is a good career choice for you. Plus, if you do decide to pursue teaching through our Teach in Five program, you can fulfill many of the graduate program prerequisites through the minor. 

Q: What requirements do I need to meet in order to be admitted to the graduate program? 

A: You must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Each teaching certification area (ex: Social Studies grades 7-12, Childhood Education grades 1-6, Agriculture Education grades 1-12) has specific coursework prerequisites as well; you will work with your major advisor and Education Studies advisor to make sure you complete these course requirements. You must also take EDUC 21010: Educational Psychology, EDUC 34000: Social & Cultural Foundations of Education, and EDUC 22900: Early Field Experience: Theory & Practice, all of which are included in the Education Studies minor. Since you are a participant in the Teach in Five program, you do NOT need to: write a personal statement, submit letters of recommendation, or pay an application fee! 

Q: Grad school is expensive and teachers don’t make a lot of money. Is the Teach in Five program worth it? 

A: Yes! First, most of our graduate students are eligible for sizeable tuition discounts (averaging 40%) as well as paid graduate assistantships. Further, if you are either a STEM field major OR pursuing your graduate degree in a STEM teaching field, you would be eligible to apply for a NOYCE scholarship. Second, you will have earned your Masters Degree, which will increase your base pay in New York and many other states. Third, research has shown that teachers who enter the field with Masters Degree level preparation are more likely to stay in the teaching profession, which will ensure a steady income in the years to come.  

Q: If I want to teach elementary school, what should I major in? 

A: Almost anything you want! The prerequisites for this degree do not include a specific major, which frees you to explore a major discipline about which you are truly passionate. One thing to consider is that you will need to make sure you take 6-9 credits (generally, two classes) in each of the following areas, as well as college coursework or demonstrated proficiency in a language other than English:  

  •  English language arts (for instance, English, Writing, Communications) 
  •  Mathematics (for instance, Mathematics, Statistics) 
  •  Science (for instance, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics) 
  •  Social Studies (for instance, History, Government/Political Science, Geography) 

Q: If I want to teach middle school or high school, what should I major in? 

A: This is a tricky question, surprisingly. New York State does not require a major in the discipline you’d like to teach, but it does require substantial coursework in the discipline. So, the easiest answer is that you should major in the discipline you would like to teach. For example, if you’d like to teach English, you would be an English major. This pathway would ensure that you would meet the disciplinary prerequisites. However, you may also be able to meet the disciplinary prerequisites by being very thoughtful in your course selection. You can get more information here and are encouraged to consult with Peter Martin, Chair of Graduate Programs in Education, to make sure you complete all necessary prerequisites.