Teacher Inquiry Conference Program

Friday, June 25th from 9am to 3pm

Links for individual sessions and rooms are included below.

9:00-10:15am, Opening Remarks & Keynote

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  • Opening Remarks: Dr. Ellie Fulmer, Associate Professor of Education
  • Department Chair’s Welcome: Dr. Sara Levy, Chair of Education Department
  • Associate Provost’s Welcome: Dr. Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson, Associate Provost for Academic Programs
  • Introduction of Keynote: Dr. Peter Martin, Chair of Graduate Programs in Education
  • Keynote Address: Ms. Ayisha Fullerton, Principal of Frederick Douglass Academy
  • Transition to Sessions: Dr. Peter Martin

10:30-11:30am, Session #1


  • Lily-Anne Trainor

    The Value of Connecting Students to Community

  • Anna Shelley

    Using Mindfulness as a Tool to Limit Emotional Responses and Teacher Bias in Elementary School Classrooms


  • Nolan Yowell

    Being a Warm Demanding Educator in the Hybrid Model

  • Alex Kudryavtsev

    Human Rights Education in Elementary School

  • Mary Perez Parz

    Process Drama: An Instructional Strategy Proven to Improve All Learners’ Literacy Skills


  • Michele Paniagua

    Longevity: An Analysis on Teacher- Burnout 

  • Anna Canova

    Empowerment and Agency through Mutuality: Exploring Home-School Partnership for Culturally Responsive Teaching

11:30-12:10pm, Lunch Break

On your own

12:15-1:15pm, Session #2


  • Arianna Crawford

    Taking the Measure of Mathematics: Exploring Responsiveness and Inquiry in Elementary Mathematics Education

  • David Rosenfeld

    Things Sure Look Different Around Here: An Expat Teacher Returns to Face Major Adjustments to Schools, Self

  • Liana Rodelli

    Making Physics Accessible to More through Education


  • Daniel Green

    Empowering and Motivating Students to be Independent Learner

  • Cassandra Leon

    “Everybody Makes Mistakes”: Exploring Mistake Making in the Modern-Day Classroom

  • Vince Mikula

    Struggle: Building Growth Mindset and Establishing a Good Relationship with Reading


  • Hannah Grazul

    Encouraging Women in the Science Classroom

  • Sarah Bussey

    An Exploration of Creativity in the Classroom

  • Mikayla Caruso

    “Within Three Days I Felt Really Connected”: Examining the Dynamics of Identity, Community and Cultural Practices in Student Lives

1:15-1:30pm, Break

1:30-2:20, Session #3


  • Liam Norton

    Trust in School: The Ever-Evolving Role of Trust as an Educator

  • Katie Curtacci

    Architects of Learning: How Shared Decision Making Cultivates an Empowering Environment for Students


  • Rachel Roberts-Hall

    Hands-on Learning in a Hybrid Education Model: Utilizing Equity and Engagement Strategies in Providing an Agriculture Education During the Age of Hybrid Learning

  • Max MacKenzie

    Self-Directed Education


  • Aari Lee

    Building Math Knowledge Through Collaboration

  • Graham Klimasewski

    To Speak a True Word: Trust and Vulnerability in the Secondary Education Classroom

2:15-2:45pm, Celebration and Closing Remarks

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Congratulations to the Class of 2021 Teacher Education Graduate Students!

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