Faculty Travel Fund to Support Students Presenting at Conferences

Faculty members attending conferences with H&S students may request up to an additional $1000.00 in travel funding. This funding is in addition to the $1800.00 of professional development funding faculty are allocated from the H&S Dean's Office each year and can only be used to support travel to conferences with students who are presenting at the conference. Please complete this form to be considered for this additional funding. In most cases only one faculty member will be approved for additional funding to attend the conference with the student(s). Faculty may only receive funding once per fiscal year through this program.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Requests for travel funding to regional conferences must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the conference date. For travel to national and international conferences requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance. Remember to complete any Travel Authorization Requests as required - see "Additional Forms and Documents" in the side bar on the right of the screen for a link to the Travel Services web page.

Student Eligibility and Funding

1. Student must be enrolled in a major or minor in the School of Humanities and Sciences.

2. Student must be presenting at the conference.

3. Student must be in good academic standing.

Information about the Student Conference Fund is available online.

Additional Forms and Documents

Travel Services 
Please review the Travel Services web page to determine which forms you may need to complete.  For your convenience we have provided a link to their web page.

Travel Services web page


If you have questions regarding the Faculty Travel Funding program, please email Brendan Murday, Associate Dean, at bmurday@ithaca.edu or call 607-274-7029.