Beginning in Fall 2013, students at Ithaca College will complete the Integrative Core Curriculum as part of their degree programs. Part of the ICC is 12 credits of "complementary liberal arts" (CLA) courses. Individual major programs or Schools identify specific courses or options for students to fulfill these 12 credit hours of liberal arts coursework.

In H&S, faculty have designed the CLA to provide a focused academic exploration for students in all H&S majors. This exploration prepares students to become informed citizens in the world – reflective practitioners who search for (and know how to search for) knowledge, who critically evaluate that knowledge, and who actively participate in society, putting their knowledge in service of the collective good.

Structure of the H&S CLA

H&S students have choices in how they complete the 12 liberal arts credits of their CLA. Students may complete the CLA as an integrated part of:

  • a declared minor program of study
  • a declared second major program of study
  • second language study
  • an intentional, self-designed suite of courses

Note: For students in select, credit-intensive programs, additional options for the CLA are available to facilitate the completion of the program; please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for details.

The courses that will count in the student’s CLA option must be outside the student’s primary major requirements (i.e., named courses, courses from specific departments, and proficiency-based requirements).

All courses taken to fulfill the CLA must be taken at Ithaca College for a letter grade. Courses taken in an affiliated study abroad program or Cornell University may be applied to the H&S CLA through the normal petition and transfer credit process.

For an FAQ with advising information about the CLA, and for information about the process for students to declare their CLA, consult the CLA section of the H&S Academic Advising website. The link to the online Planning Statement that students must submit to select their CLA option can also be found there.