students working in a garden outside

Are you passionate about creating solutions for a rapidly changing climate, rampant social injustices, worldwide environmental degradation, and declining physical and mental health?

Want to be a part of the food revolution to help address these issues?

Work with a committed cohort for four semesters to change the world by designing and implementing a project to cultivate a food system at IC that is welcoming to all. 

Join us and work as a cohort, on hands-on projects that you'll design during semesters 2 - 4.

In your final semester, you will put your project into full effect and develop a method to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your project, with a plan to troubleshoot any potential issues that arise.

Please contact Prof. Paula Turkon for more information.

Applications through the IC-Connect portal are now being accepted. After applying to Ithaca College you will receive your login for IC-Connect.