Explore Science, Mathematics, and Computing

Stretch your ability to problem-solve, perform research, understand complex systems, and formulate lasting solutions to urgent problems in a rapidly changing world.

In the fields of science, technology, and mathematics, students explore the physical basis of the natural sciences and associated technology, as well as the methods that scientists use to study physical and natural phenomena. Students have access to classroom and research laboratories that are filled with the cutting-edge technology and materials necessary to carry out the best science and to prepare for advanced study and professional work. Students become adept at understanding scientific and mathematical concepts and applying them in real-world contexts. They learn the frustration and the exhilaration that are part of the research process, lessons that prepare them well for graduate study or careers in industry.

Pre-Professional Programs

If you are thinking about a career in medicine, the law, or teaching, get connected early by exploring these programs.

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“No one does anything all on their own. Writers have editors. Scientists have collaborators. Artists have workshops. Athletes have coaches. And we all had, have, and will continue to have teachers who guide us along the way. “

Dr. Anthony Jack, Harvard University

Advising for Explorers

While you explore the H&S Pathways, you will have dedicated faculty ready to help you explore the areas in which they have expertise. All students will be assigned to a faculty advisor who is ready and able to talk about specific courses, experiential learning within majors, career opportunities, graduate and professional school, and more. Faculty advisors will also assist you with interpreting college policies and procedures, understanding the Integrative Core Curriculum requirements, making use of campus resources, and learning to take ownership of your education by making academic decisions that align with your priorities, values, and interests.


If you have questions about the Science, Mathematics, and Computing Pathways program or if you aren't quite sure if it's right for you, please reach out to us. We'd love to talk. 

Amy O'Dowd
aodowd@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3102
Maria DiFrancesco
mdifrancesco@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3547