Each semester courses are offered by the Jewish Studies program and other departments for which students minoring in Jewish studies may receive credit. This is a list of recurring courses currently offered at Ithaca College that meet the Jewish Studies requirements. Other courses, in addition to these, may also be offered from time to time.

The list of courses offered in this semester or next semester are listed separately.

JWST 10300 - Hebrew Scriptures

MUNM 16100 - Worlds of Music

JWST 20100 - Jews in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

JWST 20200 - Jews in the Modern World

JWST 20300 - Judaism

MUMC 20300 - Klezmer Performance & Practice 

POLT 23000 - The Holocaust

JWST 26400 - From Auschwitz to Argentina: Stories of Resistance and Resilience

JWST 27500 - ST: Israeli Culture through Film

JWST 29400 - Contemporary Jewish Identities: Gender, Race, and Power

JWST 32300 - Gender and Sexuality in Judaism

ENGL 32400 - Literature of the Bible

JWST 33300 - Jewish Mysticism

JWST 34300 - Biblical Interpretation in Judaism and Christianity

JWST 35300 - Jewish Folk Religion: Magic and Ritual Power

POLT 40103 - Seminar: Political Implications of the Holocaust

JWST 42000/42001 - Internship: Jewish Studies

JWST 49100 - Independent Study in Jewish Studies