Williams Hall, Room 309

11:15-12:10 IBL Workshop: Jane Cushman (Buffalo State College) and Keiko Dow (D’Youville College), Incorporating Active Learning Strategies into Your Classroom
1:30-2:25 Mihail Barbosu (Rochester Institute of Technology), Workshop on Leadership in the Mathematical Sciences: Department Chairpersons as Leaders and Administrators
2:30-3:25 Cheryl Chute Miller (SUNY Potsdam), Listening Session with your Section Chair

Williams Hall, Room 202

11:15-11:40 Matt Coppenbarger (Rochester Institute of Technology), Iterations of the Sisyphus Function
11:45-12:10 Cesar Aguilar (SUNY Geneseo), Eigenvalues of Threshold Graphs
1:30-1:55 Anurag Agarwal (Rochester Institute of Technology), Solutions for some quadratic Diophantine equations
2:00-2:25 Sedar Ngoma (SUNY Geneseo), On a Time-Dependent Inverse Source Problem with an Integral Constraint
2:30-2:55 Abd AlRahman Almomani (Clarkson University), Direct Partitioning: Theory, Applications and Challenges
3:00-3:25 Ahmad Almomani (SUNY Geneseo), Locally Anchored Swarm Optimization

Williams Hall, Room 211

11:15-11:40 Paul Seeburger (Monroe Community College), Using the LibreTexts Platform to Customize OER Textbooks for Calculus II and III
11:45-12:10 Doug Baldwin (SUNY Geneseo), Making an OER Calculus Text Our Own
1:30-1:55 Alex Rennet (University of Toronto - Mississauga), A Report on Multiple Large-Class Active Learning Redesigns
2:00-2:25 Nicole Juersivich (Nazareth College), Data Integration in Undergraduate Mathematics Education
2:30-2:55 John Maceli (Ithaca College), Mathematical Card Tricks
3:00-3:25 Gabriel Prajitura (SUNY Brockport), Orthogonality without Inner Products

Williams Hall, Room 302

11:15-11:40 TALK WITHDRAWN
11:45-12:10 James Marengo (Rochester Institute of Technology), An upper bound for a sum of cyclic probabilities

Special Session on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME)

2:00-2:25 Aaron Weinberg (Ithaca College), Designing Intellectual Need-Provoking Tasks for Introductory Calculus
2:30-2:55 Ellie Fitts Fulmer (Ithaca College), How do College Students Read Calculus Textbooks?  Using a New Theory to Understand Agency in Didactical Disciplinary Literacy
3:00-3:25 Sarah Hanusch (SUNY Oswego), Feedback on Proofs: An analysis of faculty practices