Community Math Day

The Math Day is a community activity organized by the IC Math Department and Family Math. Families with children in all grades of elementary school come to campus to participate in different stations organized by members of Family Math, faculty at the Math Department, and students in the Childhood Education Program. Games, puzzles, computer programs, applets, and hands-on activities are used to engage parents and children in discovering new ways to think about math. We have around 200 participants, with support from Family Math, Ithaca College Math Club, Ithaca College Childhood Education Program,  Ithaca College Women in Computing (ICWC), the Durland Alternatives Library (partner of the Center for Transformative Action) and faculty from the Math Department. 

Math Fairs

With support from students in the Math Club, the Music program and the Childhood Education program, the Mathematics Department supports groups of teachers or/and parents in organizing math fairs in their buildings. 

High School Math Day

Each Spring, students come to Ithaca College from several area high schools came to experience a day of mathematical fun, exploration, and discovery. Dozens of sophomores and juniors arrive early on campus for a breakfast and a welcome from the Department of Mathematics. Students take part in a team mathematical competition. During this competition, the high school teachers enjoy a professional development presentation. Following the competition, students and teachers explore mathematical ideas in a variety of areas. Lunch follows with the announcement of the competition winners. It is a great event that the IC Math Department looks forward to every year. The next High School Math Day will be in April 2020.

Read more about the most recent High School Math Day in 2019.