Ithaca College's newest graduate program is our Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program, which prepares academically-talented graduate students to teach mathematics in grades 7-12.

The MAT Program is designed as a cohesive, one-year graduate program leading to a master's degree and full eligibility for initial teaching certification in mathematics. The 33-credit MAT curriculum involves 33 credits of coursework which integrate mathematics content and pedagogy. The program culminates in a professional semester in which students spend 15 weeks teaching in middle and high-school classrooms under the supervision of an IC faculty member and mentor teachers. In addition, students investigate investigate their own teaching practices through completing an Action Research project.

Undergraduates at Ithaca College can complete a major in mathematics or a closely-related field, take three prerequisite courses in education, and apply to the MAT Program by March 1 of your senior year.

The prerequisite mathematical experience for admission is:

  • Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree in mathematics or a closely-related field such as mathematics-computer science or mathematics-physics OR
  • At least 30 credits of undergraduate and/or graduate coursework in mathematics, including 3 credits in geometry and experience using technological tools in mathematics (e.g. graphing calculator, Geometer's Sketchpad)

The three undergraduate prerequisite courses in education are:

  • PSYC-21010 Educational Psychology (offered fall and spring semesters)
  • EDUC-34000 Social and Cultural Foundations of Education (offered in fall, spring, January, May, and Summer Session)
  • EDUC-21910 Early Field Experience: Theory and Practice (includes 50 hours of field experiences in school settings) (offered in fall, spring, January, and May)

Applicants who have not completed these prerequisites may be admitted provisionally and enroll in the May and summer session offerings of these courses, just prior to the start of the MAT program.

Interested applicants should refer to the Graduate Studies website for admissions and program information; questions should be directed to Dr. Daniel Visscher, or to Dr. Peter Martin, Chair of Graduate Programs in Education.