Mathematics opens the door to a world of opportunity! Studying mathematics sharpens your analytical skills, helps you become a better problem-solver, and gives you tools to use in many disciplines that rely on quantitative and statistical reasoning.

There are many careers that rely on mathematics. A math major gives you skills to work in actuarial science, computer science, operations research, engineering, biomathematics, cryptography, and finance. According to recent surveys, jobs that rely on mathematics are among the most satisfying. In addition, mathematical jobs are among the most lucrative!

While some math majors go on to become teachers or to study mathematics in graduate school, many of our majors work in other careers. Studying mathematics also prepares you for a host of other careers. For example, mathematics majors are the highest scorers on the LSAT (the entrance exam for law school) as well as the MCAT (the entrance exam for medical school). 

For more details about what you can do with a mathematics major, take a look at the careers in mathematics section.


  • David Robinson - NBA star
  • Harry Blackmun - Supreme Court Justice
  • Phillip Glass - Composer
  • Reed Hastings - Netflix Founder/CEO
  • Danica McKellar - Actress and Author
  • J.P. Morgan - Financier
  • John Maynard Keynes - Father of Modern Macroeconomics
  • David Dinkins - Former Mayor of New York City