The Religious Studies program at Ithaca College is currently in a state of transition. At present, the program administers a minor as well as a joint major in philosophy and religion, administration of which is shared with the faculty in Philosophy. Religious Studies faculty are working to convert this joint major into a pure Religious Studies major. As part of this process, and as a result of two recent full-time faculty hires and one retirement, we are redesigning our course offerings. These changes will be in place by Spring 2021, and we will be submitting paperwork for the redesigned major in Fall 2021. This preface is necessary to contextualize the following course clusters, which we anticipate offering but which should be viewed as provisional at this point, given the ongoing nature of our curricular development process:

Cluster 1: Religion and Health

  • Religion, the Body, and Healing
  • Religion and Food
  • Death and Immortality
  • Yoga: Making Connections
  • Religion and Nature

Cluster 2: Religion and Media

  • Religion and Culture
  • Religion and Film
  • Religion and Literature
  • Religion, Comedy, and Islam
  • New Religious Movements

Cluster 3: Religion and Society

  • Race and Religion
  • Religion, Women, and Gender
  • Science and Religion
  • Religions in America
  • Religion and Politics