RLST-37505 Selected Topics in Religion: Religion and Film

[I] learned how to critically analyze a film through a religious lens, which I found to be very interesting, especially since my focus/major is related to film studies.

Contextual application of film and religion was executed well through class discussions and readings. Professor encouraged discussion and discourse.

I learned about a bunch of different theories that could be applied to the different ways we view our world. I am able to view film on a number of different levels and apply a religious scope to places that are necessary.

I thought it was cool to deconstruct films, both culturally and from a more technical perspective. We watched interesting films and had a lot of varied discussions.

[I found] learning various theories and techniques for understanding and interpreting films through a religious lens [to be most educationally valuable about this course.]

I thought that critiquing the movies in class was really helpful with analyzing religious concepts.

This course helps me to understand the connections between culture, religion, and film.