The Ithaca College physics department believes strongly that an aspirational vision, a strong mission statement, and clear values help to make us a cohesive and more eective department. Our 2003-2004 assessment and planning established--for the first time in a comprehensive way--our vision, mission, and values. Keeping vision, mission, and values relevant and energized requires periodic review. Six years after establishing our vision, mission, and values in 2003-2004 the time is right to revisit them. We've accomplished much of our 2003- 2004 vision and we are primed for a new departmental vision to guide us through the next five years.

Long-term Goals for 2010-2015

Strategic Initiative 1: Graduate 15 Physics Majors per Year by 2015

Strategic Initiative 2: Create a First-Rate Laboratory Experience Across the Physics Curriculum

Strategic Initiative 3: Create a Naked-Eye Observatory

Strategic Initiative 4: Establish an Integrated Physics and Astronomy Education Research and Materials Development Program

Strategic Initiative 5: Establish Educational Opportunities focused on Renewable Energy Technologies