New! Double major in Documentary Studies and Politics

The Politics Department has partnered with Documentary Studies and Production to create a pre-approved Double Major.

The Double major in Politics and Documentary Studies and Production enables students to connect the two fields, opening up opportunities to express critical thinking not solely via writing, but in creative, visual, and diverse cultural milieus.

The double major does not change any of the majors (Politics, B.A.; Politics, B.A. with International Concentration and Documentary Studies). It does, however: 

  • increase awareness of the possibilities and interconnections between the majors; 
  • facilitates faculty-student collaborations on projects with political, cultural, critical theory, social and economic content; 
  • streamlines admissions procedures for declaring the double major; 
  • promote advising support from faculty in both departments. 

For more information, visit the Web page for either POLITICS or DOCUMENTARY STUDIES, or contact the Politics Chair prodriguez@ithaca.edu