The letter of recommendation written by the Health Professions Advisory Committee (formerly known as the "Premedical Advisory Committee") is a composite of all the information available about the student, including instructor evaluations, academic standing, medical and volunteer experience, and personal qualities which may make you a particularly strong candidate.

This student is interested in one of the premedical sciences careers (i.e. dentistry, medicine, podiatry, optometry or veterinary medicine).  The Committee writes a composite letter of recommendation that incorporates three to eight instructor evaluations such as this, as well as the student’s academic standing, their medical and volunteer experience, and observations from their interview with the committee.  Your evaluation of this student’s performance in class and their personal qualities will make up a valuable part of this committee letter.  We use these instructor evaluations to come up with an overall impression of the candidate, and we typically quote extensively from the letters.  Consider such characteristics as motivation, integrity, participation, intellectual ability, rapport with others, and responsibility.  Is there anything about this student that would make them stand out in a group of applicants?  Would this be the type of person you would want as your personal physician?

Faculty Evaluating the Pre-health student, as your student requested, please complete the following evaluation:


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