Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Freshman Fall Orientation Meeting with Health Professions Advisory Committee 
  • Registering with the Committee by filling out a Biographical Questionnaire.
  • Begin requesting evaluations from professors (aim for 3-8 by the end of Junior year)
  • Take required courses to fulfill admission requirements
  • Make yourself known to your academic advisor and to your professors who will be writing recommendations
  • Become involved in campus life through extracurricular activities
  • Acquire experiences in your desired field; volunteering, jobs during break and summer, etc.
  • Visit the PreMed Center (CNS) to explore career options
  • Identify specific admission requirements for your programs/schools of interest

Junior Year

  • Continue to obtain evaluation forms from instructors and other sources (coaches, club advisors, etc)
  • Study for upcoming admission tests (i.e. MCAT)
  • Register for MCAT or GRE or other admission test (usually taken in spring of junior year)
  • Write a resume and personal statement for upcoming committee interview
  • Sign up for interview with Committee (this usually occurs just after spring break).
  • Meet with member of Committee for feedback from your interview
  • Continue volunteer work and extracurricular activities
  • During summer between junior and senior year, apply to the schools of your choice; applications for medical school begin June 1.

Senior Year

  • Complete applications as needed.
  • Retake MCAT if necessary.
  • Interview at schools.
  • Inform the committee of the outcome of your applications.
  • Continue to fill all course requirements.
  • Continue volunteer work.
  • Accept your offer!

Alternative Timelines

Many students take additional time for reasons such as the following:

  • They decided on a health career some time after their freshman year.
  • They need additional time to bring their GPA or MCAT scores up.
  • They need additional time to make sure that this career option is right

There are many paths to medical school, and they don’t all follow the same timeline. Some people decide to apply to medical school after graduating and working for several years in a different field. There is no right way to do it, as it is a very individual decision.