You will be applying to medical schools in the summer between your Junior and Senior year. There are many fees associated with the process and you may need to plan well in advance of this time.

MCAT Prep course     $1300  

MCAT registration      $180  

AMCAS application fee    

  • 1st school           $150     
  • Each additional school  $30/school  

Individual Medical School application fee  $25-$100  


  • Travel  ???     
  • Clothing  ???     
  • Lodging and meals  ???     
  • Local transportation  ???  

Deposit of hold your seat  average of $100 (range $50-$500)


  • Total estimated costs for applying to 5 schools $2250    
  • Total estimated costs for applying to 10 schools $2930    
  • Examples do NOT include costs associated with interviewing.