Two Full-time Medical Scribes

By Ian Woods, February 8, 2021
Cayuga Family Medicine: June 2021- May 2022

Cayuga Family Medicine is seeking two full time Medical Scribes for June 2021 through May 2022. We are a busy three physician, one nurse practitioner family medicine office.  We care for patients from cradle to grave, including newborn babies all the way to patients over 90 years old.  We are outpatient only, have regular hours (8am to 5pm), and have a very nice staff.  

As a medical scribe in our office, you will be exposed to outpatient medicine with an emphasis on primary care.  You will have maximum exposure to how physicians assess, diagnose, and interact with patients, as well as learn how to create medical documents and work as part of a healthcare team.

Job Responsibilities

  •  Accompany physicians into the exam room to accurately document the visit.
  • Write patient instructions, succinctly summarizing what the physician told the patient.
  • Demonstrate excellent listening skills and be able to understand the needs of both the physician and the patient.
  •     Provide compassionate care to our patients.
  •     Become comfortable in medical terminology, billing and coding.
  •     Document patient orders including lab tests, radiology tests, and medications.
  •     Document procedures performed by the physicians.
  •     Make and receive phone calls on behalf of the office, including scheduling visits.
  •     Managing patient registries to make sure patients are up-to-date on various health maintenance items, such as mammograms or immunizations, or various disease monitoring, such as labs for diabetes.  This may require phone calls or letters and a bit of persuasion to help patients get the care they need.  

Job requirements

  •     Comfort with working with patients in all emotional states: healthy and ill, worried and well.
  •     Computer proficiency and ability to quickly learn new applications.
  •     Strong attention to detail and good organizational skills with a focus on tracking patient care and improving patient flow.
  •     Ability to work well on a team and to learn in a fast-paced environment
  •     Professional demeanor and recognition of privacy considerations for patients and families.

For further information, please contact Dr. Jamie Loehr at  For applications please send a cover letter and resume or CV, and be prepared to provide at least three references that we will contact if we decide to offer you a position.