Filling Out the Application

It is strongly recommended that all applicants heed the following suggestions:

  • Follow all instructions carefully!!! This may seem obvious now, but the applications are quite detailed, and making the smallest of mistakes may delay the processing of your application, or cause incorrect information to be sent to the schools to which you are applying. It is much better to take the time now to make sure you fill out the application correctly, than to wait to correct a mistake later! Correct is always better than early.
  • After submitting your preliminary application, you will receive a copy of your profile from the application service. Carefully review this information immediately, and follow the instructions for changing any incorrect information. Depending on the information that is incorrect, you may also want to contact the individual
    schools, since it may be a while until they receive the updated information.
  • Request a copy of your transcripts from all schools you have attended ahead of time so that you can refer to them when filling out the application. You will need official transcripts later, but the academic information you list on your application must match the information on your transcripts.
  • Apply as early as possible, even if you have not taken your standardized tests! Be aware of all schools' deadlines!!!
  • Make sure you have an application for the appropriate entering class!
  • Proofread the application carefully before sending it. Make sure all required information, including appropriate fee, is included.
  • Answer all questions honestly, including any questions about academic performance, conduct violations, or criminal charges. Most applications provide a place to explain such incidents. Explain them honestly and openly, without making excuses.
  • Permanent address - list an address that you do not expect to change over the next year (such as your parents').
  • Preferred mailing address - Correspondence will be sent here. Also, make sure your e-mail address is professional. You may even want to set up a separate e-mail account just for this purpose. If you move, contact the centralized application service and all schools to which you have applied immediately. Do not miss
    that letter offering you an interview!!!
  • Print out a copy of all pages of your application before sending it. If it gets lost, you will want that information to fill out a new one!
  • Remember to include an address and postage on any acknowledgement receipt cards that require them.
  • Many schools only accept in-state residents, or strongly prefer them. You may only be a resident of one state. If you are not sure of which state you are a resident, contact the schools to which you plan to apply.