What is the estimated cost of applying to medical school?

Between MCAT prep courses, registration fees, application fees and interview costs, the application procedure itself can by quite expensive. This may mean planning far in advance to be sure you have the necessary financial means to complete the applications in a timely manner. A rough estimate of the cost of applying to 10 schools (an average number), which does not include interview costs, is approximately $3000! For a detailed breakdown of costs, click here.

I want to take a formal prep course, but I can’t afford it. What can I do?

The local Kaplan center in Ithaca offers reduced rates to some students who can demonstrate financial need. In addition, the Office of Career Services gives out a free Kaplan course each semester for MCATs and for GREs (one for each). Watch for flyers and apply!  In addition, there is a $500  Kastenbaum PreHealth Award offered each semester to help offset costs of preparing exams.