Is there a PreMed major at Ithaca College?

No. Students can major in any field they choose while an undergraduate and still apply to medical school. All medical school applicants must complete the minimum course requirements (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English). Since the majority of these courses are introductory, they do not constitute a major, or even a minor. Your major will be in area that you enjoy and want to explore in greater depth.

Do certain majors have a better chance of getting into medical school than others?

No. It is the individual record of the student that determines their success. What you need to get into medical school are good grades, especially in science courses, good scores on the standardized tests (MCATs, etc.) and some type of experience in a clinical setting (i.e. volunteer work). Medical schools do not show any “favoritism” to specific majors. We have had successful medical school applicants with majors in Biology, Exercise Science, Chemistry, Psychology, English, Music, etc.

What should I major in?

  • You should major in an area that you enjoy – since you will have to take many more classes in this subject. You should also major in something that you are good at. Grades matter, and it is also important to feel good about yourself and your academic performance.
  • Since there is no “ideal major”, you should find that subject area that intrigues you, regardless of whether its in the sciences or not.
  • You only have one opportunity to explore diverse areas in a college setting. Once you begin medical school, all of your coursework is predetermined, so take advantage of the opportunities available here at Ithaca College!