How many Ithaca College students are actually accepted to medical school?

From 2011-2017 a total of 88 students have applied to allopathic medical schools (approximately 90% of students apply to allopathic medical schools). Of those students 42 (48%) were accepted.  Including osteopathic medical schools as well, 65% of our applicants have been accepted.

What medical schools are they being accepted at?

Over the past five years Ithaca College students going to allopathic medical schools have been accepted to a variety of New York State Medical schools as well as Univ. of Pennsylvania, Univ. of North Carolina, Washington Univ. of St. Louis, Univ. of Colorado, Louisiana State Univ., Univ. of Vermont, West Virginia Univ., Univ. of Washington, Univ. of Florida, Temple, Pennsylvania State, Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of Connecticut, Jefferson , Albert Einstein, Ohio State, Drexel University, Univ. of Miami, Univ. of California San Diego, and Univ. of Wisconsin.

What about veterinary school, how successful are Ithaca College students in this field?

In the past 10 years, 9 Ithaca College students have applied to veterinary school. Our acceptance rate has been high, and the schools they were accepted at include Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, Michigan State,  the University of Georgia, Tufts University, Ohio State University, Univeris of Oklahoma, and the University of Dublin.