Premed Course Checklist

Below is a list of required courses for most health science professions.

Students should be aware that some schools have specific course requirements beyond this list and they should check the specific requirements for the programs they are interested in.

Course Title Hrs

BIOL-121 Principles of Biology 4.0 _____

BIOL-122 Principles of Biology 4.0 _____


BIOL-119 Fundamentals of Biology 4.0 _____

BIOL-120 Fundamentals of Biology 4.0 _____

CHEM-121 Principles of Chemistry 4.0 _____

CHEM-221 Organic Chemistry I 3.0 _____

CHEM-124 Experimental Chemistry I 2.0 _____

CHEM-222 Organic Chemistry II 3.0 _____

CHEM-232 Quantitative Chemistry 3.0 _____

CHEM-225 Experimental Chemistry II 2.0 _____

PHYS-101 Introduction to Physics 4.0 _____

PHYS-102 Introduction to Physics 4.0 _____


PHYS-117 Principles of Physics 4.0 _____

PHYS-118 Principles of Physics 4.0 _____

ENGL-XXX English (one year of English) 3.0 _____

ENGL-XXX English 3.0 _____


WRIT-XXX Writing 3.0 _____

Additional subjects that are assessed on the MCAT:

Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology

Suggested upper level electives useful for Health Sciences Professions:

Physiology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Parasitology, Endocrinology