Summer Scholars Program

Faculty in the Department of Psychology offer an array of summer research opportunities

Summer 2021 Information

If you are interested in working with a professor on their existing program of research or designing your own project for the summer, consult with a professor in the department with whom you want to work with. 
Talking with faculty members is key! 

Broader opportunities on and off campus

Summer research gives the flexibility to run experiments, visit places, and do field research that might not fit within class schedules during the academic year.

Summer Scholar 2019

Wilhelmina DiFilippo, Sway Portfolio

Wilhelmina DiFilippo Psychology, B.A.
Sociology & Counseling Minors (May 2021)

I'm Mina, a rising junior Psychology student with minors in Sociology and Counseling. My interests lie in developmental psychology, and I research motor development and its link to executive functions. During the academic year, as well as this summer, I work in the Cognition Lab in Williams Hall with Dr. Nancy Rader. After undergrad, I hope to pursue a Masters in Social Work to help coordinate and provide resources for children with developmental needs.