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Courses:  Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Social Work.

About Me:   I grew up in the working-class mill-town of Lawrence, MA, and was a first generation college student in my family.  Sociology was an epiphany for me, particularly during the politically charged Vietnam War period, where the “rights” movements blossomed.  A volunteer stint at a half-way house for pre-parolees stimulated a life-long interest in crime and justice. I received my Ph.D. from Boston College researching the relationship between media usage and attitudes about crime and punishment.  I developed a criminal justice program at Bloomsburg University where I taught for many years and became an emeritus faculty member.  I co-authored texts in criminology, sociology and violence, and also researched and published in the areas of corporate crime, media and crime attitudes, and victimology.  I came out of retirement to teach at Ithaca College because I sorely miss teaching and sharing the sociological imagination with students.