Year by Year

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Students in both the tech and design concentrations begin their first year by taking a broad range of courses which develop skills in all areas. Courses include Theatrical Design Foundations, technical courses in props & paint, scenery, lighting & sound, costume construction, as well Theatrical Drafting & Model Building. Beyond these courses students also take Liberal Arts courses through the Ithaca College Integrated Core Curriculum (ICC), which allows students to explore complex questions about humanity through multiple perspectives in the liberal arts.


In their second year students begin to focus and further develop their skills. In the design concentration students begin to take design courses in their area of focus. These rigorous studio courses allow students to explore their creativity and further develop their skills. In the technology concentration students begin to take upper level courses in the areas of scenic, lighting or sound technologies, paint, props or costume construction. These courses provide students with advanced training in industry standards such as automated scenery, intelligent lighting and CAD.


In the third year students in both concentrations take on more advanced studies. Students in the design concentration continue their theatrical design courses and take CAD or figure drawing. Technology concentration courses might include Technical Theatre II: Paint, Scenery or Properties. Beyond production arts, students will take Theatre History, Dramatic Literature and other critical courses in the Department. Students might decide to spend a semester at the Ithaca College London Center and enroll in one of the intensive play-viewing courses offered.


In the final year students will take advanced studio courses as well as completing liberal arts requirements. Work in production leads to a capstone experience, bringing together four years of training.

TPD Catalog Program Requirements

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Degree Program Pathways

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