Independent Study (THEA 4990x)

An Independent Study is a theoretical exploration of a topic, normally resulting in a research paper.

Proposals for an Independent Study must be approved by the theatre arts Curriculum Committee prior to registration for the semester in which the study is to be undertaken.


Only juniors and seniors having an overall G.P.A. of 2.3 with 3.0 in the major may apply for an Independent Study.


An Independent Study may not duplicate or substitute for standard course work within the department. No retroactive credit in Independent Study will be granted by the Department of Theatre Arts. Students should refer to the Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog for credit hour limitations.


The student must:

  1. Discuss proposal with the department faculty member qualified to supervise the study.
  2. Write a detailed proposal of the project. Complete the Independent Study Form. The written proposal should conform to the guidelines stated on the form.
  3. Secure his/her academic advisor’s signature of approval.
  4. Submit the completed form to the chair of the Theatre Arts Curriculum Committee.
  5. The Curriculum Committee evaluates all proposals to assess academic and/or creative value, and determines the appropriate number of credits for the study.
    • Since the responsibility of establishing the project’s value rests on the student, s/he should be prepared to defend the proposal to the curriculum committee if requested. Committee options upon reviewing your proposal are: acceptance, rejection, or conditional acceptance. Conditional acceptance will require revision and resubmission of the proposal.
  6. Conduct of the study should conform to the guidelines on the Independent Study form.