Clothing and Shoe Requirements for Jazz Dance I

DNCE 13100-01 & DNCE 13200

Students enrolled in this course are required to wear proper attire for a dance class. There will be no required textbooks for this course. Proper shoes and dance wear are the only additional cost for the course. There is no need to purchase new dancewear/shoes if the student already owns these items. It is possible to find shoes at a range of prices. Purchasing the most expensive option is not recommended however, with a little investment, these items can and will last for at least the duration of the college career. Attire should consist of the following:


  • Women must wear a leotard and tights, jazz/yoga pants and form fitting yoga/fitness shirt, a unitard, or dance shorts/skorts.
  • Proper undergarments must be worn at all times. Underpants should not be worn with a leotard and tights but a thong/g-string is appropriate if the student feels it is necessary. Bras can and should be worn under any of the required attire if necessary. Shirts with built-in bras are also acceptable.
  • A flat shoe (either a jazz shoe or a jazz sneaker) and a heeled shoe (with 2”-3” heels) are required. Some appropriate examples can be found at the following links. There is no need to purchase these exact shoes but this is a good guideline.

Jazz Shoes


Jazz Sneakers


Character Shoes



  • Men must wear form fitting attire such as dance/yoga pants, exercise shirts, biker-shorts, unitards, etc.
  • No loose fitting athletic shorts are allowed in class unless they have a biker short or tights/stretch pants underneath.
  • Tight fitting undergarments are essential. Dance belts are optional. NO BOXER SHORTS.
  • A soft-soled jazz shoe or a character shoe is necessary. Some appropriate examples can be found at the following links. There is no need to purchase these exact shoes but this is a good guideline.

Character Shoe


Jazz Shoe


Jazz Sneaker