Request to Participate In an Outside (Non-Departmental) Production, Extra-Curricular, or Professional Activity

Policy and Process

This process is intended to help students weigh an extra-curricular opportunity to participate in other type of production, including Park films and independent projects, within the context of their required curricular responsibilities. Students will gather input from several faculty and other colleagues as part of this process. If the outside activity is taking more than a few hours of time commitment, it might have an adverse impact on curricular work. This process should be completed PRIOR to accepting the outside commitment.

This process is to support all Theatre Arts Management majors, throughout their time as a student, and for first- and second-year Theatre Studies and Performance majors (Acting or Musical Theatre), to help evaluate what they take on in a given semester. Junior and senior Performance and Theatre Studies majors only need to complete this process if the outside project conflicts or overlaps with crew assignments, Rehearsal & Performance commitments, and/or academic responsibilities (classes, exams, or other scheduled activities).


  • Director (if cast in a dept. production)
  • Scene Study Teacher (if applicable)
  • Voice & Movement or Voice & Speech Teacher (if applicable)
  • MovementTeacher (if applicable)
  • Voice Teacher (if applicable)
  • Crew Chief (if enrolled in THEA 10200 - Technical Theatre Practicum / aka crew)
  • Academic Advisor


  • Production or Practicum Mentor (if applicable)
  • Academic Advisor

Request to Participate

Use this form after you have talked with your various teachers, mentors and advisors. This form will be routed to your specific degree area coordinator for their approval.