The Theatre Project requires a written design statement discussed and agreed upon by the student and their faculty supervisor for the project. Student responsibilities must be stated clearly and described in the format listed below and uploaded as a PDF.

  1. A description of the learning objectives of the Theatre Project. This should identify the specific outcomes the student is expected to achieve. (i.e. What specific skills, knowledge or capacities is the student expected to attain?)

  2. The student’s background preparation for the undertaking of the study and project creation. (Such as previous course work, performance, internships.)

  3. Reading List, which is sufficient to provide focus and stimulate research and investigation.

  4. Form, size and scope of the results, such as a working model, computer program, performance, stage design, etc.

  5. Method and amount of ongoing interaction with faculty supervisor. (Such as periodic discussion of reading, discussion of outlines, paper drafts, viewing of progress on the project, discussion of journal or rehearsals.)

  6. Breakdown of time to be spent on each area of the process involved in the project; described as hours per week. (Such as time spent with supervisor, reading time, design work, writing time, rehearsal time, presentation period preparation.)

  7. Evaluation: Note the method of Grading as P/F or A-F. Include percentages of weight given to various elements of the project. (e.g. Research and Journal 20%, Rehearsals and meetings with faculty 20%, Project Presentation/Application 60%.)

  8. Course Number and Amount of Credit. * The rule of thumb to use is that 1 credit represents 40-45 hours of student learning. This is based on 1 hour of student-teacher contact and 2 additional hours of preparation for each of 14-15 weeks.

Theatre Project Proposal

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