The McCarroll Studio Theatre Technical Supervisor is responsible for training students on the theatre’s equipment and its operation, as well as ensuring this equipment is well maintained and not abused. Any questions about the use of furniture, lighting, or sound equipment in The Studio Theatre should be directed to this assistant. The student assistant is NOT responsible for design services, and is NOT available to act as run crew for productions. Productions without department assigned designers are responsible for finding their own scenic, costume, lighting, and sound designers. 


  • Successful completion of THEA 11400 Theatre Tech I: Lighting and Sound. 
  • A working knowledge of theatrical lighting and prior experience with the specific systems used by the Ithaca College Department of Theatre Arts.
  • Proficient in both lighting and sound technology.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the Studio Theatre and associated areas, keeping them clean, maintained, safe and usable for production, class and work.
  • Maintain lighting and sound equipment owned by the Ithaca College Department of Theatre Arts.
  • Provide advanced troubleshooting and expertise as requested for the current show(s).
  • Work other tasks on behalf of the Ithaca College Department of Theatre Arts as assigned by the department’s McCarroll Supervisor.
  • Assist McCarroll Supervisor in tracking budgets and spending on area budgets.

Hours: 4-10 per week

Supervisors: Amanda Spooner (aspooner@ithaca.edu) and Ainsley Anderson (aanders@ithaca.edu)