The Properties Shop Assistant is a student assistant with experience in the area of theatrical properties who works for the Theatre Arts Department to help maintain the department’s prop shop and prop storage areas. Under faculty and staff supervision, clean and maintain the prop shop facilities and equipment. Make purchases when necessary. Assist in supervision of production work crews. Work on special projects related to production, as assigned. If over 21, use department van to run errands.


  • Successful completion of THEA 11600 Technology I: Properties and Paint or equivalent.
  • A working knowledge of theatrical properties technology and prior experience with the specific systems used by the Ithaca College Theatre Arts Department.
  • The ability to lift 50lb.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A Properties Shop Assistant shall be expected to:
  • Maintain the Prop Shop and associated areas, keeping them clean, maintained, safe and usable for production, class and work.
  • Facilitate the loaning of props to Department of Theatre Arts classes and associated productions.  Help maintain the props stock and storage areas.
  • Maintain Prop shop equipment owned by the Ithaca College Theatre Department.
  • Provide assistance in building properties as requested for the current show(s).
  • Work other tasks on behalf of the Ithaca College Theatre Department as assigned.
  • If over 21, complete requirements for use of department van.

Hours: 4-10 per week

Supervisor: Joey Bromfield (jbromfield@ithaca.edu)