B.A. Theatre Studies

Learning in the B.A. theatre studies degree program embraces academic excellence in a range of classes across the liberal arts, training within theatre disciplines, and the adoption of professional standards in the studio and in production. We prepare students to enter the profession or continue to pursue training at the graduate level. Combining intensive education in theatre with a strong liberal arts education, our graduates not only practice theatre at the highest level of artistic quality, but also use theatre to reflect and affect society, politics, and culture. 

During the student’s first four semesters in the program, progress will be assessed based on student’s ability to:

  1. Organize and manage their time.
  2. Communicate respectfully and collaborate with others.
  3. Work with commitment, maturity, and self-discipline.
  4. Engage in critical analysis of contemporary and historical theatrical texts as well as live performance.
  5. Communicate persuasively in oral presentation and written work.

Students in the B.A. theatre studies major will undergo two review periods (one formative and one summative) with area faculty during their first two years in the program. These reviews are separate from semester advising sessions with the student’s department-appointed academic advisor. 

The formative review occurs in the second semester of the student’s first year as a theatre studies major. The format of the formative review is an open dialogue between the student and theatre studies area coordinator. During this review, students will reflect on their first year in the program. Additionally, the formative review provides the area coordinator with the opportunity to advise students about potential learning and production opportunities that will assist in student success.

The summative review occurs in the fourth semester of the student’s second year as a Theatre Studies major (or following first semester mid-term examinations for transfer students).  During this review, students will provide the area faculty with copies of their theatre resume and be prepared to analyze and critically discuss one production on which they have worked during their first two years as a theatre major (or at their previous institution for transfer students).  The process of this review includes providing analysis of a production the student worked on from a critical, theoretical, and historical perspective as well as preparing a personal statement describing the student’s learning experience throughout this creative process, and any artistic and/or intellectual challenges encountered. Students should prepare a 5 to 7 minute PowerPoint presentation highlighting the aforementioned material. The presentation is followed by a question and answer period with area faculty. 

This second review also provides area faculty with the opportunity to advise students about potential learning and production opportunities that will assist in student success.  However, the primary intention of this review is evaluating the student’s growth in the major and assessing their progress toward mastering the program outcomes. 

Students will only be discontinued from the theatre studies major because of failure to meet Ithaca College’s academic standards or for egregious behavior that violates the Student Conduct Code.

Students earning a B- or lower in Introduction to Theatre, Script Analysis, Theatre History I, or Theatre History II and who are not meeting program learning outcomes as evidenced by their foundation coursework and summative review will be strongly advised to seek entrance into a different major. Additionally, these students will not be considered for positions in the department season as assistant directors or dramaturgs. All students will receive written evaluation of their progress toward achieving the program outcomes within two weeks of their summative review. The area faculty will help you succeed in achieving your potential if you put forth the considerable effort needed to do so. If at any time you have questions regarding the review process for the theatre studies major, please do not hesitate to contact the Area Coordinator.

revised 9/28/2015