Senior Project in Directing Application

Senior Project in Directing (THEA 45500)

Senior Directing Projects are open to all senior theatre studies majors. These productions are intended to provide the student director with the opportunity for practical application of skills, theories, and experience acquired in the course of their theatre training. Persons who wish to be considered for a directing project must have received:

  • B or better in Script Analysis, Introduction to Theatre, and Theatre History I
  • B or better in Directing I.
  • Completion of Directing II is preferred, however students may enroll in SDP and Directing II concurrently.


Students who meet the above criteria should submit an application by the first Monday after Spring Break, by 5pm . No late applications will be accepted. The Theatre Studies area will initiate the approval process in consultation with appropriate members of the faculty and staff. 

Performance Material

One-act plays are highly recommended for these projects, although cuttings or acts from longer plays will be considered. Short musicals or revues are also acceptable. WORK MAY NOT EXCEED NINETY MINUTES OF PLAYING TIME. It is highly desirable that the director selects a small-cast project with a suitable age range.