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Check this section for articles relating to image collections, databases, and art history

  • New document on Guidelines for Deaccessioning a Slide Collection published by the VRA and the VRA Slide and Transitional Media Task Force, September 2014


 Look under Administrative Documents for "Guidelines for the Evaluation, Retention, and Deaccessioning of 35mm Slide Collections in Educational and Cultural Institutuions:

  • ARTstor's JSTOR FORUM (implemented Summer 2011)

JSTOR Forum is user-friendly software that allows you to manage, catalog, and distribute your institution’s collections and projects — an affordable way to share your digital collections at your institution and beyond.

JSTOR FORUM (formerly Shared Shelf Initiative - allows the VRC to upload the Art History Department's teaching collection of images to ARTstor's website. This collection provides faculty with an even larger repository of images for teaching and student study, and also allows the department's images to be seamlessly integrated with ARTstor's vast collection,  via ARTstor's online presentation tools.

This will continue in a new and improved format which will expand the college's access to digital images. When you log into ARTstor’s home page you will see the Ithaca College - Visual Resources Collection link and you can either search on that collection alone or all of their collections.  You can create image groups, course folders, study guides and presentations all through ARTstor.

To access ARTstor - visit the link via the IC library home pages or through www.artstor.org

  • Digital Image Database (DAVID)

The digital image collection contains over 35,000 digital images. Currently we are using Extensis Portfolio to catalog these images for our in-house collection management system. All of these images are then uploaded into JSTOR and available via ARTstor.

  • VRC 35mm slide collection

During its heyday the VRC had approximately 160,000 slides in the slide collection. As of 2006, slides were no longer acquired. We are currently in the process of de-accessioning the collection and plan to keep a core collection of slides for research purposes.

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  • Image File Size and Resolution: 


        The above link is a free online edition of The Getty Museum's "Introduction to Imaging" which introduces the              technology of digital imaging.