Course #



WGST 10000-01, 02

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies  

Kasia Bartoszynska

WGST 22000

Queer Studies       

Rachel Fomalhaut

ARTH 24200-01, 02

Placing Race and Gender

Lauren O'Connell

 CSCR 21200

Asian American Gender and Sexual Politics

Wendsor Yamashita

CSCR 26200

Black Sexualities 

M. Nicole Horsley

ECON 27000

Women and Economics

Elizabeth Kaletski

ENGL 18200 

The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power

Derek Adams

ENGL 18200

The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power

Derek Adams

ENGL 19409

Mysterious Muddles and Commonplace Crimes: Gothic and Detective Fiction

Julie Fromer

ENGL 19410

Engendering Modernity: Twentieth Century Women's Literature

Jennifer Spitzer

ENGL 22000

Black Women Writers

Derek Adams

ENGL 31200-01, 02

Dramatic Literature II: Performing Gender in Modern Drama

Claire Gleitman

ENGL 38200

Feminist Fictions

Katharine Kittredge

HLTH 22800

Human Sexuality

Laura Campbell Carapella

HLTH 22800

Human Sexuality

Laura Campbell Carapella

HLTH 31500

Family Health

Mary Bentley

HNRS 20013

Women  and Fairy Tales

Katharyn Howd Machan

HNRS 20043

Plotting Marriages

Jaime Warburton

JWST 29400

Contemporary Jewish Identities: Gender, Race and Power

Rebecca Lesses

POLT 14100

Power: Race, Sex and Class

Sumru Atuk

POLT 40206

Seminar: Gender-Based Violence and the State

Sumru Atuk

PSYCH/WGST 26100-01, 02

Psychology of Women

Natasha Bharj

PSYCH 26200

Psychology of Gender and Sexual Violence 

Natasha Bharj   

RLST 36000 Women and Islam Samah Choudhury

SOCI 21200

Changing Contours of Work

Stephen Sweet

SOCI 25000 Gender, Environment and Global Change Alicia Swords
SOCI 32700 Work and Family Stephen Sweet
SOCI 33500 Health and Family Joslyn Brenton
SOCI 40100 Community Organizing Alicia Swords
SOCI 42400 Global Sociology Alicia Swords
SPAN/ENGL 26100 From Auschwitz to the Americas: Holocaust Literature and Film Annette Levine
SPAN 37900 Latin Lovers: Sexuality and Gender in Latin American Literature, Film and Pop Culture Annette Levine
SPME 39100 Women's Sports Media Incubator Ellen Staurowsky
TVR 33500 Electronic Media Criticism Stephen Tropiano
WRTG 31000 Women and Writing Jaime Warburton