B.F.A. Attendance Policy Addendum for Fall 2021:

Due to the necessary protocols at Ithaca College involving daily self-screening, the time it may take to receive results for Covid testing, as well as mandatory isolation if test results are positive, we have amended the current B.F.A. Attendance Policy in the following ways:

Mandatory failure after missing the equivalent of two weeks of classes, and grade reductions after the first absence, are suspended without needing to appeal if due to Covid-related illness, honesty in reporting symptoms, testing wait times, or isolation. Grading rubrics which include points for participation will be adjusted for those absences.

The current attendance policy addresses lateness, as well as other excused and unexcused absences, which will not be changed for the semester.

Recommended Procedure for Yellow and Red Badges:

If you find yourself with a yellow or red badge and unable to attend class, email your professor immediately explaining your situation. We would also encourage you to keep all documentation regarding testing and badges (screen shots of your badges the day you were absent, test results, communication with student health, etc.). We can be flexible but need proactive communication to support you. 

If you find your absences are becoming excessive (more than the equivalent of one week of class) due to the Covid protocols, please meet with your instructor to discuss options for making up missed work, as appropriate to class material. The key to success regarding the attendance policy is proactive communication with your instructors. 

Addendum posted 9/28/21


Standard policy follows:

Students at Ithaca College are expected to attend all classes, and they are responsible for work missed during any absence from class. At the beginning of each semester, instructors must provide the students in their courses with written guidelines regarding possible grading penalties for failure to attend class. The only absences that will be excused are those due to a verifiable emergency such as: illness requiring attention by a health care provider; the hospitalization, death, or serious illness of a family member; or required appearance in a court of law. The student is expected to notify the instructor in advance of an absence when possible. The student may notify the Office of Student Affairs (274-3374) about any emergency, and that office will notify the appropriate faculty member; however, over and above this notification the student is responsible for providing documentation (e.g. doctor’s letter, health center note, court summons, obituary) unsolicited by the instructor within 48 hours of the absence if they wish it to be considered excused. Arrival more than ten minutes late for a class constitutes an absence. After one unexcused absence, each unexcused absence will lower the final grade 1/3 point (A to A-, B- to C+, etc.). Six absences (including excused absences) in a course meeting three times per week, four absences (including excused absences) in a course meeting twice a week, or two absences (including excused absences) in a course meeting once a week will result in a failing grade for the course, removal from the course, or other disciplinary action. If a student fails any required courses, the student may be discontinued from the major, as they will not be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree. In cases of extreme hardship, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the entire area faculty.

For all absences except those due to religious beliefs, the course instructor has the right to determine if the number of absences has been excessive in view of the nature of the class that was missed and the stated attendance policy. Depending on the individual situation, this can result in the student’s being removed from or failing the course.

NOTE: If a student is experiencing such hardship, they must consult with their teacher immediately to make such an exception viable, and must petition the area coordinator in writing.

Lateness: If a student arrives within ten minutes of the beginning of class the lateness will constitute 1/3 of an absence in a class meeting three times a week and 1/2 of an absence in a class meeting twice a week. If a student is more than ten minutes late they will be considered absent, even if they participate in class.

The Department of Theatre Arts B.F.A. attendance policy falls within the guidelines set by the Ithaca College attendance policy. That policy is listed verbatim above, or may be found under Attendance Policy in the Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017.

Accommodation: In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodation will be provided to students with documented disabilities on a case by case basis. Students must register with the Office of Academic Support Services and provide appropriate documentation to the College before any academic adjustment will be provided. Office hours for the Office of Academic Support Services are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Office is located at 322a Smiddy Hall. Phone 607.274.1005, fax 607.274.3957, TDD 607.274.7319, e-mail acssd@ithaca.edu.

In any case, the most important aspect regarding attendance is the student’s timely and proactive communication with his or her instructors.