All Assistant Director applications are due by 5:00 pm on the first Monday after Spring Break.

The criteria and application process for serving as assistant director on Mainstage shows in the Department of Theatre Arts are as follows:

  1. Junior Standing (by the time the assignment would occur).
  2. Successful completion of Directing I, with minimally a B grade.
  3. According the summative review requirements for the B.A. in Theatre Studies, students must have received a B or better in foundational courses: Script Analysis, Intro to Theatre, First-Year Comp or Academic Writing, and History of Theatre I.
  4. Submission of individual goals and objectives for serving in this capacity and how this experience will further your overall educational goals.
  5. A list of specific titles you’d like to assist, along with a rationale for each.
  6. Submission of an up-to-date resumé.

The Theatre Studies faculty and the Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts will review applications. Directors will have final say on how they engage and utilize assistant directors.

Assistant Director Application

Select the link below for the assistant director application.  Applications not following the proper instruction will not be accepted.