Dramaturgy assignments are open to all junior and senior theatre studies majors. Students who wish to be considered for a dramaturgy assignment must have taken or be taking Dramaturgy I. According to the summative review requirements for the B.A. in Theatre Studies, students must have received a B or better in foundational courses: Script Analysis, Intro to Theatre, First-Year Comp or Academic Writing, and History of Theatre. Preference will be given to applicants who have also completed Dramatic Literature I.

These positions are intended to provide the student dramaturg with the opportunity to participate in a Mainstage production as a production dramaturg. The student dramaturg will become an integral part of the creative team. Responsibilities will include shaping the vision of the production with the director, attending design and production meetings, preparing the text as needed, preparing the research packet, doing a dramaturgy presentation.

Dramaturgy Application

Select the link below for the dramaturgy application.  Applications not following the proper instruction will not be accepted.