About the School of Music

The School of Music is a place where all musicians learn and grow. Regardless of your major, you will become a teacher, performer, and creator, enjoying and exploring music as a central part of your life.

World-Class Faculty 

Learn from nationally and internationally renowned musicians and music educators. Work closely with dedicated faculty to perfect your craft through theory, practice, and performance.

Cross-Campus Learning 

You can develop your talent and follow your passion for music while you learn about other areas and explore new interests.  As part of a comprehensive college, liberal arts and professional studies are available to all music students.

Ithaca on Tour 

Performances beyond Ithaca are an important part of the mission of the School of Music. The opportunity to make music for an increasingly wider audience is an integral part of your training—and will push you to new heights as a musician. 

Recent tours include Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Strathmore, and ACDA in 2018.

Ensembles for Non-Music Majors 

All members of the IC community are encouraged to join one of the ensembles for non-music majors, or audition for a major ensemble

Member of NASM

 Ithaca College is a fully-accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music.