About the School of Music

The School of Music is a place for all types of musicians to learn and grow—from specialists and artists fluent in multiple instruments and forms of music to professionals whose creative lives lead them elsewhere. Regardless of your major, you will become a teacher and creator in some way or another as you continue to explore and enjoy music as a central part of your life.

World-Class Faculty 

Learn from some of the top musicians and music educators in the world: working professionals who continue to create and innovate in the music world as they help students grow. Work closely with your dedicated faculty mentor to learn theory, correct and perfect your craft through practice, and celebrate every successful performance. 

Cross-Campus Learning 

In one of the largest undergraduate music programs in the country to be housed within a liberal arts college, you can develop your talent and follow your passion for music while you learn about other areas and explore new interests. More than 100 of our students choose a major that allows them to combine their interest in music with an outside field in one of the other four schools at Ithaca College.  

Shaping the Future of Music 

As the world of music is being transformed in the digital age, faculty at the School of Music are re-imagining the curriculum to keep pace with those changes. Learn about music from around the world that reflects the diverse populations that have created and listened to music for thousands of years; stay current with the popular music people are downloading and listening to today; and discover (or introduce your peers to) new musical genres and forms that are just emerging. 

Ithaca on Tour 

Performances beyond Ithaca are an important part of the mission of the School of Music. The opportunity to make music for an increasingly wider audience is an integral part of your training—and will push you to new heights as a musician. 

Exploring Music as Medicine 

As a music lover, you know how a certain melody can change your mood or connect you with a memory. In this course, musicians work with faculty health professionals and students to bring the healing power of music as a form of therapy to people in the Ithaca community. 

MusIC in the Community 

Discover performance and teaching opportunities in the greater Ithaca area through the MusIC in the Community program. The program connects community members to IC musicians who perform for nonprofit organizations or at private parties anytime during the current school year, gaining performance experience as they begin their professional music careers.

Ensembles for Non-Music Majors 

We encourage all members of the IC community to keep music in their lives. Students in IC’s other schools who have a passion for music are welcome to audition to join one of our major ensembles or one of our ensembles for non-music majors

Member of NASM

 Ithaca College is a fully-accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music.