We are a comprehensive community of hundreds of musicians of different ages, abilities, interests, majors, goals, and visions, each of us unique, each driven by a different dream. But we are bound together by a remarkable set of common competencies and values.  

Ours is a community where our students teach us from day one, and our teachers continue to learn. We trade roles with each other surprisingly often. Students who are training to become professional music educators find that performing at a high level plays an ongoing role in their lives, while those preparing for careers in performance appreciate and understand that almost all musicians teach, at some point or another, in one way or another. The sound recording technology major sitting behind the state-of-the-art console in one of our recording studios has the same ear training, sight-singing, and musicianship training as any other music major.  

Regardless of our many majors and different paths, three things we all share in common are solid musicianship training, regular performance experience, and an understanding of the fundamentals of teaching.  

We also have students who intend to pursue a vocation beyond music, becoming arts administrators, acousticians, physicians, marketing and communications specialists, therapists, or veterinarians. They recognize that the training that music majors receive—training that instills discipline, determination, grit, focus, flexibility, and confidence—prepares them for advanced study in virtually any field.  

I invite you to investigate our community and, if these ideas align with your own hopes and dreams, to consider joining our community of practice.