Keith Kaiser

More than 125 years ago, a violin performer and teacher, Grant Egbert, fulfilled a dream when he welcomed a handful of students into his newly-opened music conservatory. Since that time, his small music conservatory has expanded and flourished into a comprehensive college – Ithaca College – and into a highly celebrated School of Music that has graduated thousands of tremendously successful alumni. This is a legacy of enormous achievement.

This achievement is centered on the precept that the Arts have the power to change and enrich lives and, to that end, our School of Music is committed to distinction in the fulfillment of our mission: to educate students who transform the human condition through the art and practice of music.

In doing so, we are committed to serving others using music as a means to elevate and transform others, community, and self. That “service through music” is manifested in varied and diverse ways but the ultimate result is one of altruism and one that makes the world a better place.  

The results of this “service through music” philosophy include musicians comforting patients in hospice or music teachers enriching, changing, or even saving children’s lives by providing a safe place to teach about empathy and humanity through music. In addition, these meaningful and often life-changing experiences include performers and composers providing concerts and recorded music for enjoyment-seeking audience members – doing so with music from a wide variety of styles and genres composed for, and performed in, solo or among friends in the highest quality chamber and large ensembles.

Our School of Music is comprised of energetic and committed individuals representing a wide variety of backgrounds and interests who are truly a family upholding the strongest sense of community. Together, we look forward to continuing a tradition of the highest standards alongside a genuine commitment to innovation – a combination reflected in our new Flex Core curricula and designed to prepare our students for success in the 21st Century.

The focus, compassion, and reputation of our School of Music has grown out of an intense regard for humanity and the role that music and the Arts must play in society. Please join us on our journey by becoming part of a legacy built around excellence in music artistry and excellence in professional achievement.

Keith Kaiser
Interim Dean, School of Music